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Dear Xembala Friends,

Here is a picture of our framed mandala art!  Mandala Design: Rising Lotus. Frame Size Pictured 9″ x 9″. Limited Edition Print 1/250 per frame size.

All of our pieces are handcrafted from start to finish. We begin by drawing the concept art using a computer graphics interface. Next we edit the artwork to ensure the balance, color, vibrance, and beauty of the final product. We print each mandala on high quality, textured canvas using the latest in giclee printing techniques. We construct the frame from lightweight yet durable cedar, paint each frame with a stunning gold, and back each frame with custom made paper picked precisely to bring out the highlights of each design. Lastly, each mandala is certified as  a limited edition print that is labeled and numbered to ensure authenticity and value.

Ordering your very own framed mandala art print is easy. Just click to the link to our online store, select your design, select your frame size, and proceed to check out. Our custom made pieces start at just $25 USD!

Please visit our Online Mandala Shop to browse our designs and order your mandala today: www.thexembalaproject.com




Snakes’ Path

Snakes' Path

Mandala: Snakes’ Path

Color: Original

Birthdate: December 2012

Frame Sizes Available: 6 x 6, 9 x 9, 12 x 12 (in inches)

Limited Edition Series Print: 250 per frame size

To Purchase Visit our Online Mandala Store: www.thexembalaproject.com

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